Alex Robotics

Alex Robotics

On-going projects at UdeS

Please contact me if you are a prospective graduate student interested in working on those topics:

Information for Prospective students

Please contact me ( if you are interested in research projects in the field of robotics! Many positions will be available fo MScA students, PhD students and post-doc. I am currently recruiting for: on-going projects

Students working with me will join a dynamic team within the Createk group. The Createk group and the IntroLab laboratory share an open office space on the 3rd floor of the 3IT, and the student will have the chance to interact with experts in machine design, electronics and computer science. They will integrate a “maker” community and will be able to perfect their skills in mechatronics and robotics.

Createk –

Createk is a group of professors leading research projects in the development of advanced technologies (robotics, actuators and vehicles). The team consists of multiples professors, research professionals, technician and graduate students.

3IT –

The 3IT is an institute that aims to accelerate innovation by eliminating boundaries in research areas. The 3IT is made up of researchers from several faculties and companies, which makes it a unique place for technological innovation. The institute is equipped with mechanical and electrical prototyping machines, as well as instrumented test rooms.

Université de Sherbrooke –

The Université de Sherbrooke stands out with its practical learning methods, promising themes propelling its research units, a strong strategy of innovation, partnership and entrepreneurship, green campuses and an incomparable quality of life between rivers, forests and mountains. So many reasons that make it one of the most appreciated universities in Canada by its students.